Monday, 16 June 2014

Favourite Gardens - Bramdean House

The famous mirror borders at Bramdean House

The fine eighteenth-century red-brick house is protected from the A272 road by a huge undulating cloud hedge of yew and box. Behind the house five acres of garden slope up through the famous mirror-image herbaceous borders, planted with over one hundred types of plants with nepetas, geraniums, tradescantias and Clematis x diversifolia ‘Hendersonii’.  A broad path bordered by dianthus and roses leads to wrought-iron gates surrounding the walled kitchen garden.  Beyond a second wrought-iron gate lies the orchard with a curving tapestry hedge of alternating box and yew, flowering cherries, and fruit trees underplanted with daffodils. 

Click here for some more photos, taken on rather a dull day

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  1. That's just lovely. Thanks for the photo and link. I'm currently trying to establish a peony hedge along the edge of a five acre yard, so this has real interest for me!