Saturday, 3 May 2014

Favourite Places - Wallop Brook

Wallop Brook, Hampshire, on the road between Stockbridge and Salisbury. A classic pastoral scene in late April

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  1. Nice view, looks like "safe from all harm". I wonder if people in England aswell as in Sweden worries and mourn for a sort of loss of what used to be our countries. I know thoughts like these are probably considered racist, but is really not. Many words of values doesn´t really ad up to what they are supposed to mean these days, like human rights, freedom of speech. It is said what is typically Swedish, is hardly present anymore and that is terrible to me. Im not a racist but I truly don´t want Sweden to turn into a new Afghanistan or such. And one of the latest "words" in society is diversity/variety. Well I don´t want diversity on the expense of what used to be better. And secondly, if all the worlds people are tossed together with everything mixed up...whhere´s the diversity in that?! Just a thought :)
    Gods peace