Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Chelsea Flower Show 2013

The Arthritis UK Garden
The M&G Garden
The figure from the Arthritis UK Garden - Anna Gillespie - 'To The Limit'.

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Farewell Tempo

Tempo, the stylish Italian restaurant owned by Henry Togna in Curzon St, has sadly been sold. Inspired by the restaurant he admired most, the River Cafe, and with a Japanese chef, (Yoshi Yamada, who won the Barilla Pasta Championships in 2012), Tempo became a haven for those who enjoyed its inventive and relatively inexpensive food, its beautiful Rococo upstairs bar and the invariable presence of the owner whose genuine charm and patent good nature (in an industry somewhat lacking in both), made one want to return time after time.
A delicious salad tiede made for a vegetarian friend
The staff were very good too - elegant and friendly (and that includes my daughter; Kei, who worked there for six months and loved it).  Although Yoshi last year returned to Japan, his successor carried on his stylish cooking while the waiting staff continued to perfect their art so that the experience got only better and better.

It's a great pity that it has been sold, and we can only hope that Henry decide to will spread his magic elsewhere.

Ananda Ledoux and Angela Altini

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