Thursday, 27 November 2008

Terrorist Attacks in Bombay

Photo from BBC News

It's only too easy to imagine the dreadful situation in the Taj and the Oberoi today, as terrorists take hostages and kill indiscriminately at these two hotels, Victoria train station, Leopold's Cafe on Colaba Causeway and a Jewish Centre. The hotels and Leopold's are places I have visited for the last 40 years and I was there again six weeks ago. Fortunately my friends and business colleagues who visit and work in the area are all safe, despite one of them having been invited to have dinner in the Taj last night.

The southern tip of Bombay is a virtual island and simple to approach by boat. Both the Taj and the Oberoi have waterside frontages. There are many tens of pleasure boats sailing out to the Elephanta Caves and on tours of the harbour from the Gateway of India, 100 metres from the Taj. Although the Taj has had special security for the past few years, the Oberoi has not. In any event, neither was safe.

A couple of years ago I wrote about the Taj - my favourite hotel - for Lloyd's List, the shipping newspaper, here.


  1. its the most sad day in history of India.....challenging the security systems of India..

  2. Anonymous11:16 pm

    I wonder who is behind the attack

  3. I wonder who is behind the attack - if history is any guide the golden rule to fine any culprit is to ask :
    qui bono?

    And not blame the neighbor first because its handy, thats wat the media fits & thats the easiest answer...

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