Sunday, 26 October 2008

Shopping Habits

More time to spend with friends in places like this

I have just realised that in the last year or so our shopping habits have changed so radically that we now buy more stuff online than in shops (with the exception of food - but we even order some of that online these days). The principal sources are eBay and Amazon, and eBay in particular is now the first place we look when we decide we need something (or even when we don't). eBay's prices are the perfect antidote to the financial crisis as not only are more people selling more stuff online, but prices seem to be falling as well. Recent purchases like Ferragamo shoes, Ralph Lauren sweaters, cosmetics and the like can be had for about a fifth of the shop price or less and are perfect. One very rarely spends more than £50 on anything - and it's usually under £10. What's more, the purchases usually arrive by post or courier in only a day or two. Similarly Amazon (who's free delivery is a great bonus) now supply most of the things a household needs as well as the usual DVDs and books. And of course ordering on line from The Wine Society is sinfully easy!

Most food shopping still needs the personal touch though, and a good market (like the Duke of York's and Pimlico) are simply fun to visit and meet friends. But the reduction in wear and tear in getting to the shops as well as the avoiding of parking and congestion charges is a joy. Thank you internet!

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