Sunday, 26 October 2008

The Most Amazing Toy in the World

When I first got an iPhone at the beginning of the year, I thought it revolutionary and wrote about it here. Since then, I have got the 3G version and loaded it up with apps from the Apps Store, most of which are free.

Today, it's an indispensable toy on which I can carry on the easiest of text conversations, check up on friends' doings on Facebook, post tweets (via Twitter), deal with my e-mail in darkest India, navigate my way to lunch (on Maps), record notes (on iDictaphone), find out what's nearby (on Vicinity), check on a tune (with Shazam - though sadly it's not much good on classical recordings), listen to radio (on WunderRadio), look at photos (on Mobile Fotos and Picasa), book a restaurant - by phone or on-line, read the paper (IHT or New York Times), buy stuff (on Amazon), move money around (using my bank's online site), and look for information (on iPedia). One can even find numbers by speaking at the phone (Say Who) or send an e-mail from the car using Dail2Do!.

Some of the best fun is amusing children by showing them Thomas the Tank Engine videos on YouTube while at lunch soemwhere or letting them play in the Koi Pond!

Recently, I have added the Cams Ahoy app, which emits buzzes and squeaks when you get within a pre-determined distance from a speed or red light camera - and even tells you what the current speed limit is. What is more, it emits a growl when you exceed the speed limit by 5mph - a true 'big brother' app!

In the evening, one can sit on the sofa and read a book on the very legible screen courtesy of eReader, or with the the phone on wi-fi look for a recording that one likes YouTube or iTunes, downloading it straight to the iPhone. It's the most complete and useful toy in existence.

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  1. Anonymous9:35 am

    I can see that I will need many lessons in Ireland so I can use my iphone more efficiently