Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Francis Bacon Exhibition at the Tate

Click the heading for some more photos of the exhibition

I am old enough to deplore the renaming of the Tate as the 'Tate Britain' - a pompous name that has a politically correct ring to it. Why shouldn't it still be 'The Tate' even if the new one is the 'Tate Modern'?

Having got that off my chest, I love the place dearly and go as often as I can. It's light, bright and uplifting, and one can renew one's love of art without condescension. The Turners are superb, of course, unlike any paintings one can see anywhere else, and one can sit in front of that Burne-Jones for ever - but the current Francis Bacon Exhibition eclipses even those unassailable heights. It's one of the greatest exhibitions ever held in London and is brilliantly foreshadowed on the Tate's website with one of the best interactive catalogues anywhere.

When I was there last, there were runners racing through the main halls at one minute intervals; a kind of mini- marathon which invigoraged the place perfectly. I came across an American in a wheelchair who had spent hours trying to photograph them as they raced by. As a means of inspiring artists, it was as inventive and original as the great building itself

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  1. I agree with you about Tate's website for the exhibition - it combines images, audio and video really well and makes interesting connections between different pictures. I found that I had to close my eyes during the transitions from one area to another, however, because they made me seasick!