Friday, 29 August 2008

Favourite Poems - Beloved Earth

You are forever with me, as I with you.
Day and night we are always together.
If I go a thousand miles, a million miles away,
You will be there and comfort me.
I am a seed in your soil,
For you I blossom and bring forth fruit.
I am a willow beside your path,
For you I herald the miracle of spring.
O beloved Earth,
You are forever with me as I with you.

While you dwell in my heart
Nor life nor death can part us.
Mine the faith of a loveling child;
Yours the compassion of a merciful father.
Like a lark soaring in the sky
I will hymn the beauty of the morning.
Like a pine tree high on the mountain
I will give shelter from the storms and tempests.
O beloved earth,
You are forever with me as I with you.

Beloved Earth - Traditional Chinese -
sung by Katusha Tsui at the Memorial Service for Sir YK Pao 23rd January 2002

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