Thursday, 27 September 2007

The Prius - An Amazing Car

Not everyone likes the Prius's looks, but it's actually an amazing car. It's well very built, comfortable and full of interesting touches - like the tiny gear lever on the dash and a single button to stop and park. It glides silently through the traffic and when it stops at the lights, you have to look at the dashboard to know that it's on at all. It's quick and responsive, with a tiny turning circle and a high driving position making it perfect for city driving. Altogether a most satisfying and relaxing car. And if you add its economic advantages - very low fuel consumption, no congestion charge, reduced cost parking permits, very low road tax and a high resale value, it's unbeatable. One of my friends bought one over a month ago - and he is still running it on its first tank of petrol!

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