Sunday, 12 March 2006

Astavakra Gita

You are not made up of earth, water, fire, air or space. You are not the body. You are not a particular name or form. You are not a member of a particular family or tribe. You are not connected with any nation or culture. You are not in any way related to the things of this world. You are not perceivable by the gross or the subtle senses. You are the witness of these. You are the immortal self, the universal consciousness.

Concepts of right or wrong, vice or virtue, doing or enjoying, pleasure or pain are all of the mind. They are not of you.

The root of all misery is duality. There is no other remedy for this disease except the realisation that all objects of experience are unreal and all that there is is the one, pure consciousness.
The rising of the wind in the mind produces the multifarious waves of the world. With the calming dawn of knowledge they again vanish without a trace. In me, the boundless ocean, the waves of individual selves with countless names and forms arise, strike each other, play for a time and disappear, each according to their own nature. I the ocean am not affected.

The ego trades in good and bad fruits and acquires profit and loss through endless comings and goings, using the ship of the world to carry on his trade; but when the mind disappears and the illusion of the world is destroyed, the ego is completely obliterated.

Know that all the objects of the world are but combintions of the five elements. Whether you consider them to be beautiful or ugly, whether you desire them or dislike them, all phenomenal things are made up of the same stuff, the impermanent elements. Desires alone make up the world. Look upon friends, lands, wealth, houses, wives, presents and other such marks of good fortune as a dream or a juggler's show, lasting only a few moments. The three goals of ordinary life, desire for kith and kin and sensual enjoyments, worldly rewards and prosperity and the attainment of a reputation for performing good works are your enemies; they are attended by mischief and misery. Only by non-attachment to the world will you attain the constant joy of the realisation of the self.